Disney Q&A! (with The Disney Way)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Today’s post brings you my very first collaboration with the amazing Georgia of The Disney Way (and I’m sure there’s many more to come!) We’ve teamed up to create a Disney Q&A with 11 questions that we will ask each other. This post contains Georgia’s answers; to see mine you can visit her blog post.

Q: How many times have you visited the Disney Parks?

A: I’ve only ever visited Disneyland Paris. I visited for the first time when I was 6 and I’ve been two more times since 2016! 

Q: Who is your favorite Disney character?

A: BAYMAX!!! He’s definitely my favorite Disney character. He’s so great and just so cute!!! How can you not love Baymax? I really wish I could have him in real life though…

Q: Which Disney park is your favorite?

A: Since I’ve only been to Disneyland Paris, my favorite park there is the Disneyland park. But when I go to Walt Disney World, I am sure that my favourite park there will be Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait to see it soon!

Q: What is your favorite Disney ride?

A: Again, I’m basing this question on the rides I’ve been on at Disneyland Paris; my favourite ride is probably Hyperspace Mountain. It fills me with so much adrenaline and I laugh the whole way though because it’s so so fun. Plus, I absolutely love fast, thrilling rides so this is perfect for me!

Q: What is your favorite Disney Parks snack?

A: I haven’t tried a massive amount of Disney snacks but one I will always buy and eat within 1 minute is the chocolate filled, big Mickey cookie…oh, it’s so good! It’s very filling and quite sickly but for a sweet tooth person like me, it’s a must have every trip.

Q: What is your favorite Disney color scheme?

A: Rose gold is definitely my favourite Disney colour scheme. I’m hoping to get the rose gold ears for Christmas so I’ll be ready for my next trip! I think it’s super cute and isn’t too overpowering. 

Q: What is your favorite Disney Parks accessory/clothing item?

A: This is actually quite a tough one for me because I like quite a fair of the park accessories. I have a Disney backpack I got from Primark and I love using that but I think when I finally get my hands on a spirit jersey, that will be my favourite accessory…I’m thinking the rose pink one or black! 

Q: What is your funniest Disney moment?

Q: My funniest Disney moment is probably my meet and greet with Jessie. She was a bit of a joker and when we walked up to her she put her hand out to shake Joe’s hand but pulled away before he could shake it. Then while we were having our photo done she covered my face and so it was just her and Joe smiling at the camera! After the photo she then shook my hand and went to shake Joe’s again but he was clever and decided he’d pull away this time and Jessie looked so distraught but also like ‘wow that was quick thinking’. This was the best character meet I’ve had! 

Q: Do you have an upcoming Disney trip?

A: I do! My next trip is my first trip to Walt Disney World. I’m going there in September 2020 with my boyfriend and I cannot contain my excitement. It’s a dream come true and I’ve waited so long to finally visit there.

Q: What is your favorite Disney Movie?

A: My favourite Disney movie has to be Tangled. I find it realllllly hard to decide on a favourite film because there’s so many I love and they have sentimental value to them if I watched them when I was a kid, but Tangled is the best in my opinion. 

I hope you all enjoyed Georgia’s answers! You can follow her blog @thedisneyway. You can also find my answers to the Q&A here in her post.

Stay tuned by following both of our blogs, we’ll definitely be doing more collaborations in the future!

Have a lovely day! 🙂

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